Thursday, 17 October 2013

Getting to know us!

My name is David Rodas. I am 14 years old. My birthday is the 4th of August. I live in my house with my father, my mother and my brother. I like meeting my girlfriend and friends. I like music, my favourite type of music is Heavy and Rock. I don't care what other people think about me. I like playing computer and I don't like studying.

I'm a confident person, and sentimental, too. The people's opinions are very important to me. I'm hard-working. I like drawing, listening to music and watching TV. (Alba Verdugo)

Hello, my name is Sergi Lázare.

I am a confident and flexible person.
I'm an intelligent person and love learning new lenguages.
I like playing basketball.

I'm a curious person but shy. I sometimes know how to solve my friend's problems. I'm a private person. I think I'm lazy and sentimental. I love reading books. (Anna Martínez)

I’m Núria Amenábar. I’m fourteen years old. I’m sentimental and curious. I’m a private person, but friends often come to me for some good advice.  I’m hard-working, and I have often
got  good marks at school. I’m always ready to go to a party, but sometimes I like being alone.  I love animals, specially cats. My hobbies are to take photos, reading and watch TV. I love romantic books and movies. I like horror films too, but I get scary easily.

Hello my name is David Paniagua, I live in Lliça d’ Amunt. My personality is a little strange. I am sentimental, curious. People say I am an intelligent person and I love learning new things but when I have to work I am serious and hard working.

My name is Laia Cabanillas, I am 13 years old. My birthday is the 10th of November. I live in Lliça d’amunt. I like dancing and riding a horse. I am a happy person, but very sentimental. I don’t like reading a books.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Do you like reading? Find out what our favourite books are!

I like reading,because it is funny. My favourite book is "Chronicles of Narnia". It is an adventure and fantasy book. 

Álex Ferré (1st B)

I like reading because it is relaxing and funny. My favourite book are Eragon Series because these books teach how to respect people. They are exciting, adventure books and the teach how to do thing well.
Albine Padilla (1st B)

I like reading. My favourite book is " El expreso de los vampiros", because it is funny and you can decide your own adventure. 
Noelia Muñoz (1st B)

I don't like reading because it is boring. But my favourite book is "Els mons de Zoe" because it is the only one I like.
Mireia Roca (1st B)

I like reading, because it is funny. My favourite book is "Twilight" because it is very very interesting and fantastic.               Carlos Delgado (1st B)

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