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I love Pan's and Company because their sandwiches are delicious. This ''restaurant'' is in Granollers next to bowling alley. In this ''restaurant'' you can order sandwiches, salads, fizzy drinks. But its principal food is sandwiches. You can put some sauces in your sandwich like ketchup, mayo...
Laura Castro (3rd A)

Rodas is House is a new restaurant at 1401 Lenux Street. It has got something for everyone: macaroni, salad, hamurger, etc. The restaurant has got some wonderful macaroni, biscuits and cakes. For a delicious meal, go to Rodas is House.
It's open every day from 1:00pm to 12:00am.
See you there.
David Rodas (3rd B)

McDonald's is a restaurant where you can eat junk food, I like it, but it is not healthy. It’s good, but I don’t like going.
Laia Cabanillas (3rd B)

What is your favourite food?
My favourite food is Cuban rice. It is a typical dish of Spain, which consists of rice, tomato, egg and tuna. It is a dish that comes from the colonial Cuba. It is a popular dish that is usually served hot in Spanish restaurants as a starter.
Judit Ferreras, (3rd A)

My favourite food is Macaroni. I love it. It tastes great. The ingredients are: pasta, tomato sauce, cheese and sausages. The only bad thing about macarroni is that they are not very healthy.
David Rodas (3rd B)

My favourite food is pasta. It is good for your health. I specially like the macaroni. I like to eat them with tomato and grated cheese.
Noelia Ortega (3rd A)

My favourite dish is rice with tomato sauce because it is delicious an I eat rice with tomato sauce and one egg mixed with rice. This is my favorite dish because I can eat it in ten minutes. The dish it's not expensive.
Albert García (3rd A)

My favorite food is spaghetti with tomato. I like it. I don’t like spaghetti “a la carbonara”. Spaghetti is typical food in Italy. I like pasta, I like eating Italian food: pizza, pasta…
Pasta has got calories and carbohydrates.
Laia Cabanillas (3rd B)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Read what students think about this statement.

I agree with the statement. Firstly, if you eat a fruit once a day I think it is more probable that you don't have any diseases. Additionally you have many vitamins that help our health. But you can't stop eating meat because it contains a lot of proteins.
Laura Castro, (3rd A)

I agree with the message. My own view of this is that if you eat an apple a day every day it can help prevent various things as well as getting sick. First, this fruit has important components that can help the physical and mental development. Secondly, this group of vitamins can help prevent anemia and cholesterol. For the great majority of people, the fruit is the healthiest food but the block also has negative aspects. On the other hand, an apple, no matter how nutrient, cannot keep you away from exhaustion. Incidentally, we must not forget we have to eat everything so we can develop everything correctly.
Judith Otero (3rd B)

Firstly, I agree with the expression. It is true. If you eat healthy food you are a healthy person and you have got a healthy life. When  you eat vegetables and fruit and do sport once a week, you don’t visit the doctor because of injuries or health virus. On the other hand, I don’t entirely agree because when you translate literally the expression and understand it, it isn’t true because you must visit the doctor although you haven’t got injuries…, It is very good to visit the doctor at least once a year.
Carla García (3rd B)

I agree with the statement above, because you have to eat fruit every day. It is very good for your health. Fruits have many vitamins, nutrients and give a lot of energy. Additionally, if you eat healthy you have to go to the doctor less, but still have to go to the doctor at some time.
Andrea Astorga (3rd A)

I agree with statement above; I think that this phrase makes sense because if you eat healthy you do not get sick. The vitamines are important for bones and provide enzymes that aid digestion. 
Àlex García (3rd A)

In Unit 6 we have been working on Food around the world. Here you are some of the most original dishes you can find when visiting a diferent country. 

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